Does Zoom mean DOOM for the creative industry???

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An interesting piece on the The Drum - has everyone in ...

An interesting piece on the The Drum

How has everyone in our industry found using Zoom and other video platforms? Is it damaging those creative juices from flowing in a team environment?

I think there is no doubt that we are seeing Zoom and other platforms working as an interim solution to ensure communication is as effective as it can be given the situation. I think we would all be lost without these platforms at the moment right?

BUT, it just isn't the same. When you are trying to create solutions or come up with creative ideas as a team there is something fundamentally missing - ENERGY!

Body language is so important to our everyday communication and it's these things that go missing on video platforms in my opinion. In so many of our sectors in a solution type scenario it's that feeling that you are 'on to something' when you are burning the midnight oil that gets you through and that cannot be put into words, pictures or even video in this case.

Moving forward I do think 'flexi-working' is here to stay but I don't think true remote working roles can prosper in a creative envronment for the above reasons. Those businesses that will get ahead will find a middle ground and the agency's performance will show to the end client as a result.