Recruitment post Covid

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As a result of COVID, many companies have been forced to re-examine their work processes: fo...

As a result of COVID, many companies have been forced to re-examine their work processes: for example, the physical workplace, talent acquisition strategies, and the introduction of hybrid working. These changes have inevitably affected recruitment, with the bar being raised for the process, as well as the candidate experience.

What’s changed?! 

Candidate driven market: 

The recent economic recovery grows a buzz around the resurgence of a candidate driven market, essentially meaning a job market in which candidates have the upper hand. This aligned with their new expectations post covid, indicates that companies must sell themselves in order to recruit over their competitors; this may mean increasing their salaries, benefits and re-thinking their progression structure. Companies’ reputations are also being valued more now than ever, with employees remembering how their company handled the covid crisis- were their wellbeing, personal needs and security considered?

Hybrid work: 

A year of remote working has challenged companies to re consider their work models, with 73% of employees expressing desire for flexible remote work to continue post pandemic. This enables employees to focus on a work-life balance, save commuting costs and fewer office distractions!! As a result, organizations who don’t offer flexible working may increase employee turnover and risk the ability to attract future employers.

Technology: This introduction of hybrid and remote work has resulted in virtual interactions replacing the face-to-face interviews, with Zoom, 8 x 8 and Microsoft Teams being pinned to everyone’s desktop! Covid-19 has accelerated trends which existed pre pandemic, the increase of technology in the workplace being one.  

Wider talent pool: Due to an increase of remote working, many companies can recruit a wider geographic demographic and therefore, a more diverse range of candidates for the roles.


It’s fair to say, that Covid-19 has made some irreversible impact on recruitment, not only the job market itself but also the way that companies hire, recruit and are structured.