Recruitment trends for 2022!

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2021 was a year which saw the workplace constantly evolve, with the impact of Covid-19 forci...

2021 was a year which saw the workplace constantly evolve, with the impact of Covid-19 forcing companies to face new challenges and rethink their processes. Many recruitment trends from 2021 are likely to continue into the new year, but as recruiters, we should also be on alert for some new aspects thrown into the mix.  


We have listed 3 trends which we think will shape 2022... 


1-     Focus on employer branding: 

Employer branding is the process of managing and influencing your reputation as an employer among job seekers and employees. As mentioned in a previous blog, the increase of a candidate driven market and selective applications have increased after Covid-19, emphasising how important brands reputation is to candidates; they are becoming more discerning about who they work for, taking into consideration work-life balance, flexible work options, and company culture. 95% of candidates identify a company’s reputation as a key consideration when exploring new career opportunities, which proves the importance employer branding has in order to remain competitive and acquire the best talent in the market.


2-     Remote recruitment process:

The pandemic has resulted in companies working remotely; while some offer hybrid work as a perk, it has now become the norm for most businesses. Forbes state that by 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month; this statistic proves that companies need to adjust key elements of their recruitment process, as well as updating their own policies and investing in relevant technologies.

Increased productivity, a positive impact on wellbeing and significant cost savings are reported as the top benefits of a remote workforce.


2-     Diversity and inclusivity hiring:

According to Indeed, diverse workforces increase productivity and engagement, encourages varied perspectives, and improves team relationships. Diversity, equality, and inclusivity (DEI) hiring initiatives have been on the rise recently, and we predict they will become even more prevalent in 2022.

The emphasis of technology within the recruitment process, will enable the DEI to be successful. Using technologies such as AI and blind CV’s to contribute towards removing unconscious bias in the hiring process and ultimately lead to an increase in diverse and inclusive hiring.


These are only some examples of our predictions for recruitment in 2022… what other trends do you think will be prevalent?