The future of the office

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Over recent years the way we work has drastically changed, so it’s only right that the...

Over recent years the way we work has drastically changed, so it’s only right that the offices we work in evolve too. The office of the future has the opportunity to accelerate change and support the new kind of work structure.

According to architect Martin Henn, the rise in work from home has overshadowed the need for a ‘work as lifestyle’ office; those who want to mix work and pleasure can do so in their home… are ping-pong tables and a fancy bar completely necessary? Offices now need to become functional spaces with areas for collaborations and adaptable arrangements to suit the new workforce. With days in the office frequent now, employers will be looking for things and spaces they can’t access at home to ensure a productive and purposeful visit.

The redesign of the office could look like:

  • Benches / booths to accommodate a fluctuating headcount
  • Collaborate furniture such as boardroom and training tables
  • Mobile and height adjustable desks
  • An office which can be scaled up and down with ease

A recent survey from Dale Office Interiors shows that for employers, a workplace which ‘enables company culture’ was the highest ranking in importance at 61%, closely followed by one which ‘enables effective collaboration’ at 57%.  These stats reiterate that when in the office, employers prioritise factors which can’t easily be achieved at home (culture and collaboration.

An integrated relationship with tech will also aid progression in the workplace, with ‘smart buildings’ enabling companies to better understand how their spaces are being used via data. An example is GymShark’s HQ, who installed the UK’s first human-centric smart lightening system which tracks how space is used so they can assess and optimise their office design as the company evolves. This forward-thinking approach arguably contributes to their constant progression as a brand.

In order to compete in the continuous candidate driven market, businesses must ensure their office space enhances employee experience.

What do you think is a high-performance workspace?