To BeReal or not to BeReal?

10 Minutes

Currently trending #1 in Social Networking in the App store is BeReal. This new photo-sharin...

Currently trending #1 in Social Networking in the App store is BeReal. This new photo-sharing app allows users to post one photo per day at an assigned time (this differs everyday), to show their followers what they’re doing in real time. The app has no filters or edits, promoting real online imagery... Is this the changing face of social media?

A recent report shows that Gen Z and Millennials find four out of five major social platforms trigger anxiety, promoting feelings such as inadequacy, isolation, and depression. BeReal removes any stigma associated with what kind of lifestyle is ‘aspirational’ and allows for authentic portrayals of lives; an example of a current TikTok trend around the app is ‘BeReal but you work 40+ hours a week’, which shows consecutive BeReal images of users at work.

Another difference from other social apps, is that BeReal prohibit adverts and has no ‘discovery’ section, allowing users to solely connect with their friends without being bombarded by content creators, brand adverts and lengthy app sessions. For users this is great, however questions are being raised as to how BeReal will monetise as it currently doesn’t make any money and is funded by external investors; will this result in drastic changes being made to the app?

Despite this advert ban, many brands are using BeReal’s trendiness to their advantage and still getting creative by creating BeReal style mock-ups on socials. One recent example is Sour Patch Kids x Trident Gum collaboration, with the caption ‘made gum together, might as well BeReal together’.

Due to its popularity, Instagram has responded by taking the same feature and attempted to close BeReals growth opportunity. Firstly, copying Stories from Snapchat, then Reels from TikTok and now Dual Camera from BeReal, it’s no surprise that ‘Make Instagram Instagram again’ has been trending and re posted by many celebrities.

Has BeReal responded to desires for more authentic social apps and revolutionized the field moving forward or is it short-lived? Let us know your thoughts below…