Top 10 Video Interviewing Tips!

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In today’s current climate more employers may choose to conduct an interview using vid...

In today’s current climate more employers may choose to conduct an interview using video conferencing software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. With lockdowns becoming a regular thing organisations still need to recruit for key positions and this is the best alternative to a face to face scenario.

Since this type of interview is a bit different than a traditional face to face interview, it's important that you consider a few factors of this format. In this article, we share our 10 top tips on how to prepare for your interview video call.

KRG Top 10 Tips for succeeding during video interviews

  • Choose a professional background – Try and find a space with a neutral background, ideally just a plain wall or something that is in keeping with your sector. If the role is remotely based for the time being the interviewer is going to want to see that you have a suitable space for work rather than the sofa or your bed.
  • Pick a quiet space – Communicate with the household with what is happening. This can be hard being in the home, notify your interviewer if you have children or pets in the house, they will understand. Using the mute button can be good if the interviewer is presenting to you to remove any household sounds that might come through.
  • Silence your phone & computer notifications – This will help keep you focussed and make sure your attention isn’t drawn elsewhere in the interview
  • Use a laptop or computer rather than a phone – Where possible this is going to give you more focus and a better platform to present yourself – If you are using a laptop make sure it is charged!
  • Find a good internet connection – This is so important to ensuring the interviewer can hear and see you properly.
  • Still wear suitable interview clothing – Dress as if you were going to their office environment, it will show a further understanding of your research but also how serious you are about the opportunity
  • Practice using the software before you start – This will ensure you are on time and that there are no technical issues at the start when you are trying to make a good impression. This is even more important if you are sharing your screen to do a presentation.
  • Communicate Clearly – Try not to talk over anyone during the interview as the communication will be lost completely. Be patient as it’s not always easy to understand when people have finished their sentences.
  • Body language is still key – Hiring managers still subconsciously take note of this, in particular make sure you know where your camera is to gain good eye contact.
  • Have a Plan B for technical issues. – If you experience technical issues at the last minute, have a spare laptop or the software ready to load on your phone (This is particularly good if you are having wifi issues, switch to use 4G or 5G if you can). This will eliminate any downtime and will show you are organised and prepared in problem situations.