Big ideas 2023

Big ideas 2023


2022 has been a year of significant economic change for the UK and global economy, with the war in Ukraine, cost of living crisis and further climate change issues surfacing. This has us wondering… what will 2023 have in store?

Every December, LinkedIn editors ask the community of creators to share the 'Big Ideas' they believe will define the year ahead.


The following are a few examples of what have been predicted:

-The school-to-work path will be turned on its head. The combination of university fees, cost of living crisis and benefits employers are offering outside of salary, will tempt more individuals to join the workforce. The unemployment rate for graduates is currently 12% compared to a previous 3.6%.

-The Metaverse will go professional, with employers, universities and training programmes expected to all get onboard. Despite in 2022 the most prominent Metaverse platforms only having under 1000 active users, its predicted next year it will take off; this development isn’t only for entertainment purposes, as VR and AR are now being used to train pilots and surgeons.

-A global recession, with 86% of CEO's expecting one within the next 12 months. The economic struggles caused by a recession will directly impact the recruitment process, the workforce and employee behaviour. Some of these changes will include a rise in unemployment levels, a decrease in pay and benefits and fewer sales/business.

-The healthcare worker shortage will increase, and we'll turn to tech for help. In light of recent strikes across the country, it’s thought that 44% of senior doctors are considering quitting their jobs over pay and pension rules.

-Social media will switch to smaller platforms, with algorithm, trolls and pressure for likes pushing users to more ‘community building' apps. This year apps such as BeReal and WeAre8 have proved this desire for authenticity, with BeReal being downloaded 67 million times since its launch, with the vast majority of these being in 2022.

-Mental health check-ups will become the norm, with these screenings being critical to physical wellbeing. With 1 in 5 experiencing mental health problems every year, these check-ups will allow doctors to notice symptoms and prevent problems turning into crises.


What Big Ideas do you think will emerge in 2023? Let us know your thoughts below.

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