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Labour market overview June 2022…

Rosie Waghorn Jun 28, 2022

The Office for National Statistics have recently released their labour market overview for June 2022, where the main points are as...


This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week, which has led to reflections on how employee wellbeing has been pushed to the forefront in the past...


The recent lockdown forced virtual interviews to become the norm, however post pandemic, 79% of employers are continuing to use this method. This is...


Recruitment trends for 2022!

Rosie Waghorn Jan 10, 2022

2021 was a year which saw the workplace constantly evolve, with the impact of Covid-19 forcing companies to face new challenges and rethink their...


Recruitment post Covid

Rosie Waghorn Sep 20, 2021

As a result of COVID, many companies have been forced to re-examine their work processes: for example, the physical workplace, talent acquisition...


Candidates have become hot property, there is no doubt in my mind! As we start to return to some kind of normality there has been a quick change...


WARNING – This blog is brutally honest about how a recruiter works! Most recruiters / recruitment agencies don’t get paid unless a...

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